Preseason 2023

The League of Legends Preseason is the window of time following the official close of the year’s Ranked Season in November-December. It’s a time when Player ranks reset, and gameplay changes are implemented that will set the course for the upcoming Season Start in the first week of January. Preseason is a time of massive importance to players, ranked and unranked.

Lead Marketing Writer: Bethany Rock

Steel Valkyries 2023

Following the Summer ’23 Star Guardian Event, Steel Valkyries launched with 4 new Champion Skins alongside an in-game event and Event Pass. We teased the event with text files placed secretly into patch files pushed a few weeks before the formal announcement. This was to callback to a similar .log file teaser used a few years prior with the release of Gun Goddess Missfortune, and Battle Angel Kai’sa.

Lead Marketing Writer: Bethany Rock

Steel Valkyries Client Copy Gallery